Pat Schneider, author: Writing Alone and With Others, Oxford University Press, 2003

“In this intimate and detailed autobiography, Nancy Henderson-James throws open the door on a room in the history of religion that has been locked and double-bolted: the life of a child of Christian missionaries in the 1950’s in Africa.  It is not another story of the children of a crazy preacher or an abusive father.  Rather it is a story of the loneliness of a daughter of liberal Protestant missionaries who do (almost) everything right professionally, but are absent in crucial ways to the lives of their children. “

“I was dancing between complex alliances of race, nationality, gender and religion.”

Readers will wince at a wastebasket made from an elephant’s foot, at a child going to a male teacher to tell a secret that belongs to a parent, at images of spacious homes and multiple servants in a village of poor dwellings – “. . . my life in white colonial Angola . . .in the midst of a system fast coming apart.”

But At Home Abroad is also the story of a young woman finding her own way to survival, to freedom, and to her own spiritual path.”

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