Angolan Umbundu music

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  • Sivaya (Praise) (4:20)  Almost the Ovimbundu’s National Anthem. The recording was made when the Radio Clube de Nova Lisboa came to record some music for their library, during a holiday time.
  • Drumming and chanting (1:54) Recorded outside Bunjei. She’s singing that, “Kachiteia is leaving today, oh me! (havoio!), going to the Mission, Babayela, (named from – ovava ayela – clean water). If you want to say your good byes say them to me.”
  • We ko vava (White man came from over the water) (1:40) The Radio Clube session with Sr. Tavares leading. “The white man’s strength is in his ancestors’ burial which is overseas.”
  • Thumb piano (1:14) Recorded in Hendersons’ living room, Bunjei. He’s singing “Ipako vivala, omuenyo uvala, nda ndupapo nye.” Food’s hard, life hurts, what’ll I discard?
  • Call and response (1:25) Recorded in Catumbela, next to Lobito. “It has no feet, it has no hands, but it climbs and climbs. A snake. Not a snake?”  
  • Guitar & singing (2:37) Currie Institute students in Dondi. 
  • Bela Vista e uma linda vila (is a pretty town) (3:13) Currie Institute students.

3 thoughts on “Angolan Umbundu music

  1. Amazing! These songs bring back memories from my hometown Huambo, where I grew up. Actually, I was born in Catchiungo ( ex-Bela Vista) and listen to these songs is breathe the air that keep us alive.

  2. Olá nancy!
    Gostei imenso desta página, pois interessei-me pela página.
    Nancy, gostaria que me ajudasses, dando-me informações em relação a missão pois foi o tema escolhido para o meu trabalho de licenciatura em História de Angola.

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